Frequently ASked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What will we learn during the introductory meeting? ↓
Discuss goals and budget, understand key issues, review Bluestone’s approach to designing and building your dream home, ensure both client and builder are “on the same page”.
What is a Professional Design Services Agreement? ↓
Prepare and sign a simple agreement that outlines the work that BlueStone Construction will perform to design your home, assembling a team consisting of the builder, our architect, an interior designer, and of course you, the client. We will coordinate the process, manage and supervise the team, and produce final construction documents, full specifications, and a firm budget.
What happens during the information gathering meeting? ↓
We'll review specific client requirements, wishes, overall budget and scope of work. In this meeting; BlueStone Construction, the architect, interior designer, and the client will discuss the scope of work, review client notes and pictures, talk about your dreams, and set an initial budget amount.
How should we select the building site? ↓
BlueStone Construction can either assist the client with their site selection or will review the lot that you already own. Either way, Bluestone Construction is an expert at understanding the challenges and opportunities different lots present such as: topography, views, solar orientation, special trees or plants, driveway and utility requirements.
How do we manage preliminary design, selections, and budget? ↓
Typically the most enjoyable phase of the design process, we do some initial design studies, producing 2 or 3 different bubble diagrams, careful reviews of each of those diagrams will usually produce a “winning” design that we more fully develop. Simultaneously, we develop a spreadsheet for both the specifications and the budget.
What are working drawings and specifications? ↓
After your approval of the preliminary design, selections and budget, we prepare the working drawings and specifications necessary to accurately estimate the cost of construction and of course to build the home itself.
What is the construction contract and home construction process? ↓
We prepare a contract and schedule for you to carefully review and sign. Construction begins at the time agreed upon by the client and builder. We are master builders, using our exceptional skills, engineering background, experience, and the latest in online project management tools to create a beautiful home for you to enjoy.
What's included with the service and warranty? ↓
Although we try extremely hard to create a perfect home, there is almost always some little problem that occurs. Bluestone Construction believes strongly in taking care of any potential problems promptly and with a smile. We use the same online project management program to make it as easy as possible to for all parties to track and resolve any service or warranty issues.
Kevin Reed of BlueStone Construction is an outstanding Builder! He is personally involved from start to finish, and will remain a forever friend after the job is done. He brings a wealth of knowledge, and devotes the time to the smallest of details. He is also fortunate to have a highly skilled team of craftsmen, to insure his homes are of the highest quality. The final project will exceed your expectations!
- Advance Cabinetry
We were so lucky to have Kevin Reed as our builder. He is an extremely conscientious man of honesty and integrity. He has infinite patience and we would choose him again if the need arose.
- Jim and Lana Yeager​