Why you need a builder who uses virtual reality, not just 3-D modeling

Arts & Crafts is the US’s Most Popular Home Style—and Asheville Loves It

Arts & Crafts is an international art and architecture movement that dates back to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It moved from the UK, throughout Europe and to the US, and it’s characterized by natural materials, functionality, expert craftsmanship, and horizontal lines. In addition to architecture, the original movement consisted of furniture, pottery,

The smart home: How technology is infusing domestic life

By the end of last year, roughly 45 million smart home devices were in use in U.S. homes. The home automation industry in the U.S. is showing a 22% annual growth rate year-over-year, totaling approximately $20 billion last year. And, yet, only 12–16% of U.S. homes have smart devices. Baby boomers and Gen X’ers may