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Be Inspired

Send us your collections, we’d love to see the life you are dreaming up.

These accounts represent a curated collection of our work, idea books of some of the most stunning homes from all over the world, and lifestyle images of Asheville and surrounding areas to give you an insider’s perspective of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

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    This platform has the most original user generated content. Creatives abound. You can follow designers, architects and builders you love, see new work daily, collect images and share them. Instagram has the most active user group and has more new work than any other platform.

  • Bluestone Construction on Instagram


    Houzz is a platform where you’ll find full profiles of builders, architects and designers both locally and nationally. You’ll find project pictures, testimonials and business descriptions. The images here are typically very high quality, but may not be as creative as what you’ll find on Instagram or Pinterest.

  • Bluestone Construction on Instagram


    Pinterest has the most creative shared content. If you are looking for something particularly creative, unusual or unique, this might be the best place to be. You can create multiple folders and share folders with other users.

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  • “My wife and I have built 3 custom homes and several commercial buildings and Kevin was by far the best contractor/builder we’ve ever used. Kevin walked us through each step of the process, scheduled routine meetings on site to review construction, options, and cost (the final cost came within 1% of the original budget).”

    - Edward Cocciadiferro