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Bluestone guides families through the design, build & preservation of unique, authentic, high quality homes with seamless project management. As your builder, we assemble the best team (from realtors to architects) to realize your vision. Our quality is so impeccable that we offer a three-year warranty with the option of on-going maintenance through the life of your home. The process of building a home can be long and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We organize with precision using transparent management software that shares every aspect of your project from beginning to end.


  • 1. Introductory Meeting (aligning goals)

    When we first meet, we’ll discuss your goals and budget, work to understand your key issues and concerns, review Bluestone’s approach to designing and building your custom home, and ensure that we are aligned so that there are no surprises as the home building process advances.

  • 2. Finding Your Style (Houzz, Instagram, Pinterest)

    Curated collection of our work and idea books of some of the most stunning homes from all over the world, and lifestyle images of Asheville and surrounding areas to give you an insider’s perspective of living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

  • 3. Team & Budget (realtor, architect, designers)

    Once we have a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA) signed by all parties, we will meet again to discuss your specific client requirements and wishes, as well as determine the best way to meet your overall budget within the agreed upon scope of work. We will have Bluestone Construction team members, the architect, interior designer, and you, our client, in attendance at this meeting.

  • 4. Location & Design (customized to meet needs)

    Bluestone Construction can either assist you with site selection or will review the lot that you already own. Either way, the professionals that comprise the Bluestone Construction team understands the challenges and opportunities that different lots present. We are experts in topography, maximizing views, solar orientation, natural landscaping, and driveway and utility requirements.

  • Examples of 3-d imaging software that save time and money in the construction process

  • Ability to move through the property before it is built


(With Project Management Software)

  • 1. Timeline (graphed & updated daily)

    We create a Gantt chart type schedule for every project complete with critical path information. The schedule is updated daily to accommodate the inevitable changes caused by weather, unforeseen events, etc.

  • 2. Budget (line items for every cost)

    A comprehensive budget is created and tracked throughout construction to compare actual costs with budgeted. Monthly reviews with the client allow us to adjust as necessary.

  • 3. Progress Photos (online daily and emailed weekly)

    Our team members take multiple photos, typically 3-5 each day and post them online. A status report containing weather, new change orders, new photos, a summary of work performed the prior week and what will happen the next week is sent at the end of each week.

  • 4. Tasks Outlined (streamlined decision-making)

    We create a task list for clients, the builder’s employees and subcontractors to keep everyone organized and aware of what decisions or information needs to be obtained.


  • 1. Three-year Warranty (created to ease your mind)

    Created to ease your mind - We are so confident with our process and the resulting high quality homes we build; that we proudly offer a 3 year warranty on every home we build. Talk to us about the details of this warranty.

  • 2. Project Tracking (software continues to track)

    Our project management software helps us efficiently manage the project before , during, and after construction. On the off chance that you have a need for service after the project is complete, simply login to the app , snap a photo of the area of concern, and request service. Its that easy!

  • 3. Maintenance (through life of home)

    Bluestone custom homes are heirloom quality and we expect them to last for generations. Beyond the 3 year warranty we offer scheduled inspections and maintenance to easily keep your home looking and performing its best. No one knows your home better than we do.

  • 4. Seamless Management (from beginning to end)

    Building your dream home can stressful if the communication between the designer, builder, and owner is not managed well. What separates Bluestone Construction from most builders is that we manage a project from design to preservation so that you have one point of consistent contact for the life of your home.


We know that you live a busy life, the innumerable details required to design, build and maintain custom homes on top of everything else you already do can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. The experience should be powerful, enlightening and inspired. You are crafting your lifestyle; that should be exhilarating. Our process begins with understanding what you need, want, and aspire-to. The process ends when you are living the best version of your vision.We are so confident in our quality and service that we offer a 3 year warranty (industry standard is one). Beyond three years, we want to be the people you call when you need to paint a room, extend the office, or maintain the garden. The homes we build are sacrosanct; you can see by our testimonials that when you build with Bluestone your project will be on time, on budget, and will continue to inspire for generations. How do you want to tell your lasting story? We want to know.

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  • “My wife and I have built 3 custom homes and several commercial buildings and Kevin was by far the best contractor/builder we’ve ever used. Kevin walked us through each step of the process, scheduled routine meetings on site to review construction, options, and cost (the final cost came within 1% of the original budget).”

    - Edward Cocciadiferro