Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have your own design team?

Our homes and estates are heirloom quality. As such we work with the best architects, interior designers, and landscape architects. We help you select who is ideally suited for your vision based on the specialty of the designers.

What is a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA)?

Prepare and sign a detailed cost agreement that outlines the work that BlueStone Construction will perform to design your home, assembling a team consisting of the builder, architect, interior designer, and of course you, the client. We coordinate the process, manage and supervise the team, and produce final construction documents, full specifications, and a firm budget. For more information about a What is a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA), read our blog post here.

How should we select the building site?

BlueStone Construction can either assist the client with their site selection or will review the lot that you already own. Either way, Bluestone Construction is an expert at understanding the challenges and opportunities different lots present such as: topography (which can be particularly challenging in our area), views, solar orientation, special trees or plants, driveway and utility requirements.

What are working drawings and specifications?

After your approval of the preliminary design, selections and budget, we prepare the working drawings and specifications necessary to accurately estimate the cost of construction and of course to build the home itself.

What is the construction contract and home construction process?

We prepare a contract and schedule for you to carefully review and sign. Construction begins at the time agreed upon by the client and builder. We are master builders, using our exceptional skills, engineering background, experience, and the latest in online project management tools to create a beautiful home for you to enjoy.

What’s included with the service and warranty?

Although we try extremely hard to create a perfect home, there is almost always some little problem that occurs. Bluestone Construction believes strongly in taking care of any potential problems promptly and with a smile. We use the same online project management program to make it as easy as possible to for all parties to track and resolve any service or warranty issues. Most builders offer a 1 year warranty, our 3 year warranty is a testament to our quality and dedication to the preservation of your home.