Bluestone Wins National Building Awards
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Bluestone Wins National Building Awards

It’s 2021, but the building and design awards for 2020 keep coming! We are delighted to announce recent awards for two North Carolina projects. And we’re grateful to the architects, engineers, and subcontractors we partnered with to create these amazing custom homes. Most of all, we’re grateful to the clients, who trusted us with their

Top 10 Critical Questions to Ask a Builder Before Building Your Custom Home

Ready to build your custom home? It’s easy to want to rush into things, especially when you’re excited. But finding the right Carolina builder for your custom home is a process. You really need to take your time to choose wisely. The most satisfied homeowners put in the time to vet and qualify the builder,

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What Is a Pre Construction Services Agreement? Why Is It Better?

Maybe you’ve never heard the term “Pre Construction Services Agreement.” If you’re building a custom house, you should change that. So what is a pre construction services agreement? Many residential builders offer a free estimate upon the homeowner’s request at the very start of the custom building process. In fact, Bluestone did this up until