Build A Luxurious Green Home Without Sacrificing Comfort: Today’s Top Ten Tips to Creating An Energy Efficient Custom House
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Top Questions to Ask Right Now When Hiring a Builder For Your Greenville Home

Considering relocating to Greenville and looking for a South Carolina contractor to build your dream home? Residential real estate in Greenville, South Carolina is appreciating quickly. Greenville home prices were up 17 percent in March of 2021, from March of 2020. Local newspapers have reported houses selling well over the asking price, due to the

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Fantastic Tips You Can Use Today To Find The Perfect Lot For Your Asheville Home

Building a custom Asheville home starts with purchasing the perfect piece of Asheville property. There are many reasons to custom build a luxury home in Asheville, North Carolina. But though we all want to live near this amazing city, with mountains and rich culture, we don’t all want the same thing from the Asheville real

Why Kevin Reed, Founder of Bluestone Construction, Loves What He Does

Asheville’s Kevin Reed wasn’t always a custom-home builder. A few decades ago, he was about 15 years into a mechanical engineering and project managing career. Then he took his family to Disney World.  He walked into the Wilderness Lodge, one of Disney’s trademarked resorts, and had a epiphany. He wanted to build something like that—something

Bluestone Construction Sweeps the STARS Awards with a Modern Take on Boho Chic

Last month Bluestone Construction won three 2019 STARS Awards, as selected by the North Carolina Home Builders Association, for a total renovation on a custom-built mountaintop residence in Fairview. Builders from all over the state compete for these prestigious awards, so the fact that Bluestone walked away with three of them—Best Whole House Remodel, Best

What Is the Modern Art of Building Science? Why Does It Matter So Much Right Now?

Building Science combines knowledge from the architecture and design fields, as well as of building materials, home systems, engineering and more. Kurt Kvandal, Project Manager for Bluestone Construction, thinks of building science as “trying to build the most efficient house, as efficiently as possible.” Kurt grew up doing construction projects with his father and grandfather,

Asheville’s Love Affair With Tudor Revival Homes

Tudor Revival home are plentiful in upscale Asheville neighborhoods. Where does this architectural style come from, and what are its trademarks? Since the early 20th century, Tudor Revival has been a popular style of residential architecture in the US. Marked by dark timber and textured facades, natural materials and palettes, tall windows, pitched roofs, and

High Quality Materials and Appliances Will Change Your Life

If you’re spending the time and money to custom-build a home, opting for high-quality building materials and high end appliances is almost always a good choice. At best, outfitting your home with economy appliances undermines its value. At worst, scrimping on materials may result in expensive structural damage. Investing in top materials and appliances will

The smart home: How technology is infusing domestic life

By the end of last year, roughly 45 million smart home devices were in use in U.S. homes. The home automation industry in the U.S. is showing a 22% annual growth rate year-over-year, totaling approximately $20 billion last year. And, yet, only 12–16% of U.S. homes have smart devices. Baby boomers and Gen X’ers may

Top 10 Critical Questions to Ask a Builder Before Building Your Custom Home

Ready to build your custom home? It’s easy to want to rush into things, especially when you’re excited. But finding the right Carolina builder for your custom home is a process. You really need to take your time to choose wisely. The most satisfied homeowners put in the time to vet and qualify the builder,

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What Is a Pre Construction Services Agreement? Why Is It Better?

Maybe you’ve never heard the term “Pre Construction Services Agreement.” If you’re building a custom house, you should change that. So what is a pre construction services agreement? Many residential builders offer a free estimate upon the homeowner’s request at the very start of the custom building process. In fact, Bluestone did this up until

Mistakes to avoid when doing a multimillion-dollar new build or renovation

Our homes are playgrounds, sacred spaces, places to rear families, sanctuaries to rest within, environments to work in, and structures with which to define ourselves, our lives and our purpose for being. When you are ready to build a multimillion-dollar new home or take on a massive renovation, with good planning, the experience should and

Building on steep slopes in Asheville, North Carolina

“It’s all about the view.”     Imagine you’re just starting a hike. You’re down in the valley. It’s early fall, and the rains have made the earth rich and aromatic. Ochre and crimson leaves lace the trail. The air is crisp. You tilt your gaze just to the right, up the hillside. It’s gorgeous.