Are You Rustic or Modern? Transitional or Boho Chic? Discover Your Mountain House Style Today.

Your exterior house style communicates something about who you think you are to the world at large, while your interior home style gives a more nuanced picture to anyone lucky enough to be invited in.

You chose the perfect lot, where you want to build your legacy home. It’s wooded, with a gorgeous view. Now it’s time to decide what style you want your mountain home to be. Do you swoon for the clean lines and sharp angles of modern architecture? Feel coziest in a rustic setting, surrounded by natural-materials? Are you drawn to a bohemian blend of European-inspired architecture? The most important factor in designing a custom house is that you create exactly the space you want to live in. At Bluestone Construction, we’ve built many mountain homes, combining expert craftsmanship with a wide range of styles. Here are four different house styles to inspire and enchant you.

Mountain Rustic Is A House Style That Endures

rustic home house style bluestone construction

“Rustic” is a broad description encompassing a variety of influences—Craftsman, log-cabin, farmhouse, lodge, cottage and Appalachian-style among them. Natural, sturdy, reclaimed and raw materials are key markers of rustic style. These homes have stone facades, rock fireplaces, thick beams, wide-planked floors and wood paneling. Often the walls, floors and furnishings make liberal use of organic fabrics, such as burlap, jute, canvas, and wool. Palettes are usually earth-toned, which makes the rustic home a perfect, geographical fit for North Carolina’s beautiful, wooded slopes.

Rooms are human-scaled for maximum coziness and frequently filled with custom-crafted oversized furniture. Often there are multiple fireplaces, and sometimes, a great room or hall and large, wide porches, for gatherings of family and friends. Built-ins and open shelving are part of the warm blend of efficiency and accessibility showcased by this style.

Bluestone Construction Asheville NC custom made built in bunk beds rustic home

A Rustic home has a “lived-in” feel, in the best possible sense of the phrase. It’s like your favorite pair of all-cotton vintage jeans—unpretentious, comfortable for every occasion, and inherently stylish.

This mountaintop home in Hendersonville is a quintessential example of rustic luxury, designed to showcase stunning views and use gorgeous natural materials in clever ways.

house style rustic home blue ridge mountain view

Looking For A House Style That’s Sleek and Oh-So-Cool? A Modern Mountaintop Mansion May Be The Way To Go.

Mountain Modern fuses contemporary and industrial aesthetics with rustic style, for a mix of metallic and organic materials, clean lines, and open spaces. The style pays homage to its rural setting, while keeping the levity and sparseness of modern design. Because there is so much room for creative play in contemporary architecture, modern mountain homes are often exquisitely site-specific, designed to have minimal impact and fully complement the topography. A modern aesthetic also privileges windows and light, which make this style an excellent choice if you have amazing views.

residential architecture house style modern house

This modern mountain home in Asheville’s Biltmore Forest is a marvel of geometry, with a nod to Scandinavia (in its interior and exterior wood and large, simply set windows), and a flowing floor plan (for good chi!). The peaked, wall-of-windows dining room is cathedral-like in its reverent treatment of the natural world.

house style modern kitchen bluestone construction

house style modern home asheville NC

Want To Mix It Up? Your House Style May Be Transitional

house style transitional home on a hillside

Transitional Design melds traditional and contemporary elements, for a cohesive home, rich with natural light and classic charm. In transitional homes, the emphasis is on comfort, livability and personality. Often transitional homes embrace oversized windows, natural materials, and creative juxtapositions. They may reference regional aesthetics, updated to maximize modern conveniences, and always, they tweak the “rules.” When you’re custom-building, this gives you the freedom to incorporate exactly what you want, without having to worry about maintaining hard and fast fidelity to a particular style of architecture. Want an intimate breakfast nook in an otherwise open, modern kitchen, or the Moorish allure of an arched doorway leading to a living room with a Victorian molded ceiling? A transitional design can make that happen.

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Another perk of transitional homes is that outdoor and indoor spaces are well-integrated. Outdoor spaces are considered central design elements, rather than “add-ons” or fully separate spaces.

Is Your House Style Eclectic & BoHo Chic?

Bohemian Chic offers natural light, flowing spaces, Old World details, earthy tones and textures, elegance and plenty of transitional elements. This is perhaps the most “rebellious” and playful of styles. If there’s a design rule out there, boho chic will find a way to beautifully break it. Emboldened by clashing patterns, as well as furnishings, architectural elements and accessories borrowed from all over the globe and all of history, boho chic is a smorgasbord of offerings, pulled together in a harmonious way.

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Often a boho chic house makes use of both local and imported premium materials and oozes sophistication and adventure.

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