Bring your vision to life — Bluestone custom home building in Asheville

“This is really my dream house,” said our clients.

From design to preservation, Bluestone homes inspire — this is what we promise.


But how do we deliver?

1) We ask ourselves, “If this were my house…”

Our team understands what you’re going through. We have homes and families, histories and mortgages, spouses and budgets and futures to think about. Building a home is a big endeavor. There needs to be trust and honesty, communication and integrity, in addition to excellent craftsmanship. We do our part by putting ourselves in your shoes, first — by showing up with empathy.


2) We have an exceptionally talented team.

We have assembled a well-versed team of carpenters and tradesmen that are the best in each of their respective specialties. Every piece of your home is built with experienced hands because that is the only way to build a custom home that reflects your vision.

We work with all of the top architects and designers, who know their crafts just as well as we know ours. This allows clients to get best-of-breed custom homes, molded from various forms of genius. As the builder we are not biased to a particular style, rather we specialize in quality building science. Our homes are architect-driven, meaning that we build homes from plans that have been meticulously designed, from the intricate balances of foundations to rooflines, to the placement of every electrical outlet. This level of detail allows you to participate in a way that only custom home design can deliver, getting you exactly what you want, built at the highest standards.

In one case, this meant coordinating with architects to build a home that was as green as possible. The client’s preference for sustainable materials wasn’t just ecological — she suffered from chemical sensitivity, so all airborne allergens had to be reduced or eliminated from the site. Often, collaboration requires creativity. We gave the client a small piece of foam insulation to sleep with under her pillow to guarantee it wouldn’t give her an allergic reaction.



3) We appreciate your wild ideas and big dreams.

We believe that architecture and design are the leading expressions of humanity. In other words, we welcome your visions and dreams. They help us, collectively, to keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. How do we live? How do we want to live? What can we do to help our clients fulfill their greatest potential, home by home? We like your big dreams because we have them, too.


What if it were your house? What would you do? The team at BlueStone would be happy to discuss your custom home hopes and dreams. Whether you’re local and looking for a new build project, or curious about relocating to or building in Asheville or Hendersonville, we can help.



The Bluestone Team