For Sale, to be built: Modern Farmhouse in The Ramble Biltmore Forest, Asheville, NC

8 Burnham Way #526 in Asheville, North Carolina 28803


If you are looking for a new home in The Ramble Biltmore Forest, but don’t want to wait the extra 5-8 months for permit approval and design, we have the …

You’re Not Just Building a Home. You’re Building a Legacy.

Your custom-built home isn’t just a house. It’s a work of art and a cultural statement that will last longer than your lifetime. It’s a shelter and a haven for you and your family now, but it’s also a letter …


Why you need a builder who uses virtual reality, not just 3-D modeling

You would be hard pressed to find someone who has built a custom home who does not have one or two things they would have changed about their home. Perhaps it is a window they would have moved over 6” …


The smart home: How technology is infusing domestic life

By the end of last year, roughly 45 million smart home devices were in use in U.S. homes. The home automation industry in the U.S. is showing a 22% annual growth rate year-over-year, totaling approximately $20 billion last year.

And, …

3 year warranty plan with bluestone construction asheville nc

Why a 3-year warranty on a custom home is worth it

Quality is a subjective measure. Of course, so are characteristics like affordability, beauty, sustainability, and so on. What do you do when a home builder tells you their work is premium quality? Do you believe them?

How do you know …

asheville nc estate home maintenance

Advantages of a home maintenance plan over hiring when things go wrong

Disaster can strike at the most inopportune moments. The hot water goes out the same weekend your in-laws are coming to visit. A leak forms in the roof, dripping water onto the new suede couch in the living room. We’ve …

top ten questions to ask a luxury home builder in asheville nc

10 Questions to Ask a Contractor Before You Build Your Multi-Million Dollar Home

We live in a rushed world. Errands are squeezed in between work and exercise and family and maybe getting a moment to rest. Life tempts us to cut corners where we can — get groceries online, catch up with a …


What is a Preconstruction Services Agreement (PSA)?

Many builders offer a free estimate upon request as the first, more formalized part of engaging with a homeowner. In fact, Bluestone did this up until about 10 years ago too. It’s basically putting a sticker price on a project …

BlueStone Construction LLC custom home builder in Henderson North Carolina

Mistakes to avoid when doing a multimillion-dollar new build or renovation

Our homes are playgrounds, sacred spaces, places to rear families, sanctuaries to rest within, environments to work in, and structures with which to define ourselves, our lives and our purpose for being. When you are ready to build a multimillion-dollar …

best custom home builder Asheville North Carolina

Building on steep slopes in Asheville, North Carolina

“It’s all about the view.”


BlueStone Construction LLC custom home builder in Henderson North Carolina


Imagine you’re just starting a hike. You’re down in the valley. It’s early fall, and the rains have made the earth rich and aromatic. Ochre and crimson leaves lace the trail. The air …