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Why it’s important that a builder gets along with his mother

Three questions you may not have thought of to guide your contractor selection. You’ve been thinking about custom-building for years, and you’ve decided now is the time. You’ve done your research and know what type of design you love. Now you’re ready to find the perfect builder (who can help you find the perfect architect

What Is Building Science? Why Does It Matter?

Kurt Kvandal, Project Manager for Bluestone Construction, thinks of building science as “trying to build the most efficient house, as efficiently as possible.” Kurt grew up doing construction projects with his father and grandfather, before studying political science in college. “I’ve always liked to read and learn,” he says. “I thought I would go into

Asheville’s Love Affair With Tudor Revival Homes

Tudor Revival home are plentiful in upscale Asheville neighborhoods. Where does this architectural style come from, and what are its trademarks? Since the early 20th century, Tudor Revival has been a popular style of residential architecture in the US. Marked by dark timber and textured facades, natural materials and palettes, tall windows, pitched roofs, and

Why a European Vacation and Pinterest are the Keys to your Forever Home

Itching to build your legacy home? Perfect! That means, now’s the time to go ahead and take that long-anticipated European vacation. Especially if you’ve been checking out homes in your local market, and they all seem the same, with little character, or in some cases, way too much character, and even the photos on Houzz

For Sale, to be built: Modern Farmhouse in The Ramble Biltmore Forest, Asheville, NC

8 Burnham Way #526 in Asheville, North Carolina 28803 $1,549,000 If you are looking for a new home in The Ramble Biltmore Forest, but don’t want to wait the extra 5-8 months for permit approval and design, we have the perfect Asheville custom home for you. Style: Contemporary Exterior Finish: Metal, Stone, WoodFeatures: Fully Finished,

High Quality Materials and Appliances Will Change Your Life

If you’re spending the time and money to custom-build a home, opting for high-quality building materials and high end appliances is almost always a good choice. At best, outfitting your home with economy appliances undermines its value. At worst, scrimping on materials may result in expensive structural damage. Investing in top materials and appliances will

You’re Not Just Building a Home. You’re Building a Legacy.

Your custom-built home isn’t just a house. It’s a work of art and a cultural statement that will last longer than your lifetime. It’s a shelter and a haven for you and your family now, but it’s also a letter to future generations about who you were and how you lived. We’re all constantly constructing